Some Stats and a Verified Review

If you’ve been following along I’m sure you know that CWNN recently had a free weekend on Amazon’s Kindle storefront. Below you’ll see I’ve thrown together a graph of this initial download session for the folks who like data.

That also gave me the opportunity to play with some charts online, so my apologies if the graph is less than useful. Eventually I get the hang of it.

For just the hard numbers, look no further:

USA – 465
UK – 72
DE – 9
FR – 1
IT – 2
JP – 1
CA – 3
BR – 1
Total: 554

With those downloads CWNN reached a peak of #5 on Post-Apocalyptic fiction, and #11 in Dystopia. Not bad for a first time out in my humble opinion. And hopefully with more reviews and more effort on my part to spread the word the next session will be bigger.

Now on to my second piece of news…

CWNN got it’s first verified review on Amazon, something I am very excited about.

B. Brocker writes:
(4/5 stars)
Artificial Intelligence ‘saved’ humanity by destroying the world; humans succumbed to slavery in the guise of efficiency. Humans are merely alpha-numeric elements in the collective cog. You find executives, analysts, computer technicians and death squads in conjunction with twin A.Is running the city with no name. You have the wastelands and the rebels, the latter trying to save humanity from slavery. The action is good, the pacing keeps your interest, and if you like dystopian stories, this is a hidden gem: Think 1984 combined with Galactica’s Cylon Centurion. Enjoy.

To me, that is very cool and I was elated to read what the reviewer had to say. I’m also glad the reviewer had another way of describing the book, something I have struggled with. Hopefully that will help other potential readers decide if this is the text for them or not.

Honestly I was surprised at how much getting that first review impacted my feelings towards the work and writing in general. Given that, I can only imagine how much the first negative review will sting. But, to borrow an overused cliche, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.


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