Gone Quiet

Apologies to anyone looking for a wealth of posts on this blog. As of late I’ve started to focus on a number of projects that I’d like to publish soon, as well as an entirely new novel.

If you’ve followed along on Facebook you’ll know that I’m working on getting two short stories published. The Island and Angela’s Cell. I’ve deemed them both to be long enough to stand on their own. Closer to novella length than short story. In addition I’m also planning the release of a Sci-Fi short story collection which contains stories that are closer to 2k to 3k words in length.

While going through the editing stages on those works. A new project has been taking up a large portion of the time that is left over. Another dystopian science fiction novel. This time not straddling genres between post-apocalyptic and dystopia, just pure dystopia in the same vein as classics like Fahrenheit 451 and Brave New World.

–Maybe minor spoilers below–

There are plans for a CWNN sequel, as anyone who has read the teaser at the end of the Amazon exclusive edition may have seen. Currently I have a lump of stories and ideas to work through and while I am sorting that out I’m doing my best to pump out additional work.

I’m also torn on where to take the CWNN world. One of my definite plans is to explore where Tarshish and the Stranger go after the towers fall but I’m not entirely sure whether I want to explore that in it’s own work or if I should include it in a larger novel about how the rest of the world around the city is affected by the void left in the wake of the AI’s destruction.

That also leads me to another issue I’m having. By exploring the wasteland outside of the city, I’m moving from the dystopia genre to post-apocalyptic. I’m not sure how pleased folks will be with that. I do have a dystopian society in the wastes that I planned to introduce, but I think we’d still be at a scale of something like !0% dystopia and 90% post-apoc. Unless of course I devote entire novels to each of the societies in the wastes. Which is possible but it becomes an enormous undertaking that feels akin to George RR Martin’s work.

Maybe that could work though, Game of Thrones: Wasteland Edition. Ha!

In the mean time I’ll keep everyone posted on where my work stands and when to expect new releases.


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