Barnes & Noble Release, Plus a Smashwords Coupon

CWNN Serials 1 & 2 are both now available on the Nook via Barnes and Noble.

Check them out here:

Serial One:

Serial Two:

Also, even though I don’t particularly care for how Smashwords re-formatted my work*, I have coupons to give out through them. So, through the end of May, use the following coupon codes to get both Serial One and Serial Two for free off of Smashwords only.

Serial One: Code: SG69X

Serial Two: Code: RZ56A

*- I’m working on a Smashwords version in the meantime. Will notify any downloaders when it is released.

And as always, both works are available through Amazon as well, thus far my favorite outlet for sales:

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This blog will contain news and promotions regarding the City With No Name anthology. You can visit the City With No Name website at:

Serials One and Two are available from:


One –
Two –


One –
Two –



More updates to come…



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